UK Release Date: 11th May 2012.

Tim Burton has teamed up once more with regulars Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter for Dark Shadows, a gothic comedy-drama film based on the cult television series of the same name.

Depp plays Barnabas Collins who is a wealthy playboy in 1752. After he breaks the heart of the witch Angelique (played by Eva Green) she casts a spell upon him, turning Barnabas into a vampire and burying him alive. However, Barnabas is accidentally discovered and released in 1972, finding his once magnificent manor inhabited by descendants of the Collins family, all of whom are harbouring their own secrets.

Tim Burton usually does well and with a cast like this, you would think he would be looking at a hit. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Christopher Lee, Chloe Moretz, Michelle Pfeiffer and Jackie Earle Haley make up the star studded cast.

The trailer has received negative comments from fans of the original television series for not being dark enough or not capturing the right aspect of humour that the soap opera played on, however I enjoyed it. I think Dark Shadows looks the better of Burton’s two films this year (the other being Frankenweenie) and I think Depp looks on form as the vampire, Barnabas. It feels, to me, a lot like Edward Scissorhands and I enjoyed that film so hopefully I shall enjoy this one too.