Since release in 2009 Solomon Kane has slipped under the radar in terms of mainstream audiences and it is difficult to find anyone that has even heard of the film, let alone see it. So how good is it?

Solomon Kane is our hero. He is a mercenary of the English Empire but after finding out that his soul is owed to the devil, he begins on a path of peace to ensure his soul goes to heaven when his time is up instead. But when evil forces begin to take over the world, led by Malachi, Solomon Kane returns to his old ways and by destroying evil he can save his soul for good.

The character of Solomon Kane is an intriguing one and with better writing we might have seen more of the human side of our hero. Saying that, though, there is clear character development and a clear story arc which makes the film easy to follow. Credit has to go to James Purefoy, who plays the title character, for making Kane seem very unlikeable in the beginning and then about ten minutes later we are feeling sorry for him. Only good acting can change an audiences opinion so quickly.

Unfortunately, though, the rest of the acting and the writing of Solomon Kane leaves a lot to be desired. Depite featuring Pete Postlethwaite, Mackenzie Crook and Jason Flemyng, who are all established actors in their own rights, the acting never really leaps off the page but fortunately for Solomon Kane, the film does not rely on them.

What Solomon Kane relies on are its action sequences. There is an action scene every ten minutes or so and it is a good job because this is what makes the fantasy epic worth watching. Michael J. Bassett is not a well known director but the way in which he puts the action sequences together here is fantastic; the fight scenes are better than some in big Hollywood blockbusters, they are incredible.

The final fight scene seems a little underwhelming at times. And earlier on in the film when you think the special effects are not anything special, you will see what the film spends most of it’s budget on when the monster emerges from the mirror at the end of the film to kill Solomon Kane.

If you like action films then you will like Solomon Kane. It has flown under the radar of audiences but the fight scenes and the character are very good and well worth watching. It will be an hour and a half you enjoy, without a doubt.

My Rating: 6/10