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UK Release: 2nd August 2012.

So here we have a new take on the story of President Abraham Lincoln. The murder of his mother at the hands of a supernatural being fuels his hatred for vampires and he chooses to wipe them out, pretty much.

It’s an interesting re-writing of history and obviously nobody expects it to be historically accurate 100% but we’re here to watch the trailer, not discuss history. The trailer doesn’t give much of the story away, instead it just decides to pack in a lot of action scenes where Lincoln is killing or fighting vampires. Occasionally we get a small snippet of nothing happening just to let our minds register the action.

It’s not the best trailer but as the release date approaches we are sure to get better trailers, right? Anyway, it has Dominic Cooper in and I’m a big fan of his, I think he is a great, young British actor so I will be seeing this film as a fan of his anyway, if for no other reason.

Paradise Lost Cancelled!

Paradise Lost was to be a big budget adaptation of John Milton’s epic poem of the same name, but now Legendary Pictures have officially pulled the plug on the project.

The reason for this was that the budget was going to have to be bigger than first thought, one of ‘Avatar‘ proportions rather than the $120million that was first thought.

Bradley Cooper was set to lead the film alongside a very well known cast that also featured Ben Walker, Djimon Hounsou, Rufus Sewell and Camille Belle. It was to be directed by Alex Proyas who previously worked on I, Robot and Knowing.

This decision now means that the big names attached to the film have free schedules and are expected to be in high demand for upcoming features.