The first pictures of upcoming science fiction film Looper have been released.

Looper is a future noir, if you will, set in a world where time travel is possible but also illegal and only used on the black market. Organised crime syndicates use assassins known as ‘loopers’ to kill people they have sent back in time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays one of these assassins who runs into a little bit of difficulty when his future self (Bruce Willis) is sent back in time to be assassinated.

These pictures are the first glimpses we have gotten of JGL as a younger Bruce Willis and he is looking more badass than ever before. He has bulked up, is carrying a pistol around and generally looking f**ked off with everything.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favourite actors working today and I think he has a lot of talent. Apparently, for this role he spent a lot of time studying Willis’ acting so that we, the audience, could believe he grows into the Bruce Willis we know today.

Out on September 28th in the UK, this is another great film to look forward to this year.