UK Cinema Release: 10th February 2012.

Much of the hype surrounding this film up to it’s release is based around the fact that it is Daniel Radcliffe’s first big screen outing since the ending of the Harry Potter franchise, however this is not the reason I am looking forward to it.

During high school I went to see the stage version of the story and found it incredibly entertaining and very chilling to watch, it is among the scariest things I have ever witnessed. Thus, I have high hopes for the film.

The trailer does enough to get across what the movie is about and what themes it may contain. Important aspects from the story are involved in the trailer, but you will not know what they are unless you have read the book before, so it will appeal to people who know the story but there might not be enough to grab the mainstream movie viewer. The combination of chilling chimes overlapped with a small child’s poem is enough to make your spine tingle. Follow this with a VERY small glimpse of ‘the woman in black’ behind Daniel Radcliffe in the window and it definitely gets across how chilling the film will be.

I’ll certainly be going to see this when it comes out. What about you?