One for the Money is a ‘comedy’ in which Katherine Heigl stars as Stephanie Plum, an unemployed and newly divorced woman who lands a job at her cousin’s bail bond business working as a bounty hunter. Her first assignment puts her on the trail of a cop turned criminal who has a romantic link to her past.

It’s hard to see why anybody at all would think that this film would be a good idea. It’s not surprising that the only recognisable name in the film is Katherine Heigl as she still continues to try and establish herself as a leading lady in Hollywood but any actor worth their salt would have stayed away from this terrible film.

It’s a shame for Heigl that this film is so bad really, because she actually doesn’t do too bad a job herself. She plays the part well, she looks great and her narration throughout the film adds to her performance as narration can sometimes be delivered boring and lacklusture but Heigl does a semi-good job with hers. Where Heigl puts in an above average performance it’s safe to say her co-stars are a little below average.

Being a comedy film you wouldn’t be blamed for expecting One for the Money to actually be funny, but the amount of jokes it contains can probably be counted on one hand and the amount of funny jokes in the film is zero. The grandmother character is added for comic effect (I think?) but she does nothing more than be annoying.

The writing is atrocious. Surely after reading this through they would have realised that it was horrible and thrown it away but clearly not. The dialogue seems really forced and is included just to unleash so much information on the audience in a very blunt manner. The inclusion of a narrator makes it forgivable and understandable that they are giving the audience information but when the characters are telling other characters things they already know it’s just assuming that the audience are stupid.

Watching One for the Money was a complete waste of two hours of my life. Hopefully this won’t damage Katherine Heigl’s career too much but this is certainly not the proudest moment of her career and one that, if she has any sense, will never talk about again.

My Rating: 3/10