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It’s been nine years since we last saw Jim and the gang on the big screen, and to fill the pie shaped gap in their lives die hard fans of the series were forced to endure the awful awful sequels that were being made, although by the time Book of Love was made I’m not sure anyone was bothering to watch anymore. But now, in 2012 fans have what they want: a new sequel, the rightful continuation of the original trilogy however there is a problem; with new comedy hits like The Hangover and 21 Jump Street is there still room in the comedy genre for Jim, Finch, Kevin, Oz and Stifler?

The basic premise of the film is pretty much said in the title. American Reunion is the story of the class of 99 from East Great Falls having a high school reunion back in their home towns and as it seems, this is the first time that the gang have got together properly since leaving school. But back in East Great Falls relationship are put to the test as romantic interests, both old and new, force a few characters to think about their adult lives.

The main cast are all back for this: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Chris Klein, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Sean William Scott, Eddie Kay Thomas and even John Cho, Chris Owen and Shannon Elizabeth return for the final slice of pie. Because of this the film takes a while to get going as the audience have to be re-introduced to the characters and their modern lives. Fortunately, the opening scene featuring Jim and Michelle’s relationship is pretty funny and does well to set up the tone of the film.

Fans of the original trilogy are bound to enjoy this new addition; there are plenty of old jokes referenced throughout the duration of American Reunion and there are, of course, plenty of new jokes and antics from Stifler that are sure to get the audience laughing. A few of the jokes do fall flat on their feet but most of the comedy elements shine and are divided well throughout the film.

As well as the great comedy turns there are also some touching and really nice moments between the couples and this balance of light heartedness and relationship themes really helps the characters come alive and it’s wonderful to see how these people’s lives have changed while we haven’t been watching. This is the first film featuring the original characters not to be written by Adam Herz (instead being written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg) but the new writers manage to capture the old essence of the characters really well.

American Reunion probably wouldn’t look that great as a stand alone film, but as a sequel to the already hilarious trilogy it works brilliantly, providing plenty of nostalgia and familiarity for audiences everywhere. Whilst it is likely that American Reunion may get another sequel providing it does well at the box office I feel like this should be the end. The end of the film seems like a natural conclusion for the gang and I don’t think there is much else that we can follow the characters doing. This would be a perfect way to go out.

My Rating: 7/10.

UK Release Date: 2nd May 2012.

Here we have a new red band trailer for the long awaited American Reunion. The studio has churned out disaster after disaster titled American Pie (Band Camp, Beta House, Naked Mile, Book of Love etc.) since the original three films but here is the natural successor, the real American Pie 4.

This film finally reunites us with Jim, Stifler, Finch, Oz and Kevin as they return to East Falls for their high school reunion. Since they first appeared on screen audiences have followed the characters through high school, college and even through a wedding. This is a long overdue sequel.

I have been after another film featuring the original cast for a while and after a shaky start with the original trailers I think that this one has real quality and will get fans of the series highly anticipating this piece of pie. With the success of The Hangover and its own sequel it seems like the time is right for this comedy franchise to return to the screen.

All of our favourite characters are back, even Oz who might have some explaining to do considering he missed Jim’s wedding. But it seems like everybody’s favourite idiot, Stifler, is on sure form as usual. I think that the trailer looks really good and captures the essence of the first three films whilst showing that clearly these characters have changed with their responsibilities. It will be interesting to see how the characters will behave now that they have all moved on with their lives.