Christian Martyn takes on the lead role in a movie made for criticism.

It has been announced that the Home Alone film series is set to continue this Christmas with the fifth instalment of the tiresome and fatigued franchise.

The child in this film will be played by Christian Martyn and the character will be named Finn and, you guessed it, Finn is going to be a destructive kid who has to fight off thieves from his family’s house. Sound familiar?

The rest of the cast includes Malcolm McDowell, Edward Asner, Eddie Steeples and Demi Mazar. But what is the point, really?

Macaulay Culkin was the cute little kid that made the first two films work so well.

Home Alone and it’s first sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York did very well and the first one in particular is brilliant. It is full of the Christmas spirit, family, charm and really good humour. The sequels were not.

It may surprise millions of people to know that even a Home Alone 3 or Home Alone 4 existed because they were so dire, done terribly and had lost the charm of the series. Home Alone succeeded because it was something new, it appealed to kids and grown ups because of the humour but 3 and 4 just tried to replicate the formula and it did not succeed.

Home Alone 5 will not be hitting cinema screens and instead will be a made for television movie.